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The Big Bad Party Band is a combination of four passionate musicians with an absolute desire to provide quality musical entertainment and create a dance party atmosphere every time they take the stage. They’re known to play continuous long top 40’s medleys like a DJ but with the energy of a rock band. BBPB has been a unit for a very long time now, and continue to add new songs to their already extensive music repertoire.

meet the band members

Phil Athanase Boudreau (Guitar and Vocals)

Being the lead singer of BBPB, Phil’s pure rock-blues voice is definitely one of a kind. It enables the band to perform their songs with emotion and passion without losing the fun aspect. His voice mixed with an absolute authentic style of guitar work, combined with a great desire and ability to entertain any crowd makes him a major part of BBPB’s success. Phil gives the crowd a glance of many styles of music, from Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull and even a little Lady GAGA.

Denis Hachey (Drums)

Denis is considered by many as one of the top drummers in the region. His natural feel and great tempo along is great personality makes him an indispensable asset to BBPB. He has played alongside many major artists and continues t do so regularly as a professional drummer both live and in the studio. This gives him the strong ability to produce great grooves and continually bringing new dynamics to BBPB’s songs.

Guy Hebert (Bass and Vocals)

Being the pillar of BBPB, Guy has been one of the most respected bass player’s around for a long time. His many years of experience gives him the ability to lock in perfectly with any drum groove and get the crowd on its feet. Guy brings stability to any song and although vocal harmonies makes Guy an anchor in BBPB.

André Leblanc (Piano & Synth and Vocals)

As a University graduate in music, André brings the musical director aspect to BBPB. He is a joyful character and is highly skilled in his craft, which makes his contributions to every song that BBPB performs very essential. Whether he’s playing his piano or his synths, André also brings another awesome angle to the band with his vocals and his harmonies.